Lexus Lease Return Center


Are you approaching the end of your lease? Return your Lexus to Lexus of Rockford's Factory Authorized Lease Return Center regardless of where you originally leased it.  No matter how soon your lease ends, our Lease Return Center team is ready to help you understand all of your options, so you can choose the best course of action.

Can You Purchase Your Leased Vehicle?
Yes.  Buying your leased Lexus is always an option.  Low finance rates and extended protection plans are available for lessees who wish to purchase their leased Lexus.  Buy your leased vehicle and continue benefitting from genuine Lexus reliability, performance and luxury.

Can You Turn In Your Lease For Another?
Yes.  We can assist you with choosing the vehicle and plan that best fits your needs. Even if you would like to end your current lease early for another one, we can walk you through the process.  Some people go over their allotted mileage sooner than planned, our team can show you what options are available to cater your next lease to your driving habits.

What if you would rather purchase a new car this time?
That is possible!  Our Business Manager will explain the details of purchasing versus leasing so you fully understand the benefits of both.

Lease Return Check List
Along with headrests, floor mats, tonneau cover, cargo net, cargo mat, spare tire, and any other equipment included in your Lexus lease, the following items must be returned:
All keys to the leased vehicle
Owner's manual
Vehicle Inspection Report (if available)
Receipts for completed repairs, if any

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